My name is Daniel Edmiston. I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago. Previous to coming to Chicago, I completed an M.A. in the Department of Linguistics at Seoul National University.

My primary area of interest is in computational linguistics and natural language processing, with a peripheral interest in the Korean language. I was originally trained as a generative linguist, with a focus in syntax and semantics.

Some of my previous work has focused on extraposition in the Austronesian language Malagasy (with Eric Potsdam), and a project to formalize and adapt the Distributed Morphology framework to operate over strings (with Marina Ermolaeva). Most recently, I incorporated explicit morphological structure into a dynamic neural network architecture in order to improve performance on a dependency parsing task in Korean (with Karl Stratos).

More personally, I’m from Tampa, I’m an amateur musician, I spend most of my off-time in South Korea, and my Erdős number is 5 (Paul Erdős → Michael E. Saks → Howard J. Karloff → Dean P. Foster → Karl Stratos → Me).